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Why choose us

Extraordinary private holidays, all totally tailored and bespoke.

It's all about you

We have the expertise, but it's your vision. We help you realise your dreams – it’s that simple. Let your imagination run wild and we’ll take your vision and turn it into reality, exceeding your expectations.


We do this by being extremely knowledgeable and starting completely afresh with each client; with over two decades of experience working with a team of specialists on the ground in Africa, Asia and Latin America, we’ll work with you every step of the way, until we achieve the perfect result: a personalised, life changing holiday that becomes one of your favourite holiday memories.

Our clients tend to be well-travelled, seeking something different – something special – so we tailor each journey to our client’s individuality. We never devise the same holiday twice. We want our clients to come back with a genuine experience, by really getting under the skin of it. Whilst our bespoke safaris and holidays can never be cheap, perfection comes at a cost!

It's all about guiding

undefinedYour guides are the most important factor of your holiday as they open their world to you. A fantastic guide will transform the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Knowing where wildlife tends to roam, identifying bird calls, inspiring you with their local folklore and traditions of their communities, sharing the secrets of the medicinal properties housed in trees and plants - information which has been handed down over generations. We have the finest selection of private guides for our clients, which is the best way to see your chosen country and we always source the best guides at each camp or lodge.

It's all about your family

undefinedWe are renowned for our family safaris and holidays. We believe in the freedom of children and want to share the world of excitement and adventure with them. Let them run wild with a sense of freedom that is rarely seen in the western world today!

We listen to you, we visit your home and talk to your family and we then assemble the most extraordinary, fun, educational safaris and holidays which are tailored entirely around your family!

It's all about their families

undefinedEqual to the wildlife is the rich, vibrant culture which makes up the continents of Africa, Asia and Latin America, with their variety of peoples and tribes. We give you the opportunity of spending as little or as much time in an uncontrived manner, learning about the people and their way of life. This is enriching and rewarding!

From going out on a traditional hunt in Tanzania, Botswana or Namibia or watching the locals dancing with unbridled enthusiasm, learning how to make fires with no matches or visiting the homes of people in an uncommercial way – perhaps even having a blues or jazz evening at a local home and perhaps visiting some of the charitable workshops – whether it is clinics or artistic projects – this involvement adds another dimension to your holiday!

It's all about the E factor

undefinedExcellence, Exclusivity and Experience. This is what makes us stand out from the crowd. Our commitment to excellence starts with our very first conversation with you and continues right through to your return journey home.

This covers the places we choose for you, with the views we want for you, to the guides at each establishment and all the special extra touches that we incorporate that sets a standard for our safaris.

Exclusivity – This is the ultimate way of going on safari or holiday. Private chartered aircraft to whisk you away to each place, the very finest, private guide to enrichen your world, luxury private tented mobile camps erected in the best wildlife regions with the best views, excellent cuisine, private villas and houses either in the bush or on the beach or both which allows you to dictate your own pace of life and gives you complete flexibility and freedom. Best of all, is the feeling that whatever you witness is a private experience!

Experience – This for us is what it’s really all about! We deliver the finest experiences on offer. We try and elevate every holiday and make it a journey of a lifetime. Whether its camping out beneath the stars and listening to wildlife close at hand, or having a privileged experience by going out with scientists who explain in detail their projects in the region, or improving your photography with a wildlife photographer or film maker as your guide, or having a cookery lesson with chefs or learning to fly fish with a professional guide – for us, it is the people you meet and the extraordinary experiences that you encounter that marks the true success of a safari or holiday with us!

It's all about wildlife, landscapes and architecture

undefinedThe main reason that most people travel on safari is for the wildlife! Understanding the seasons and the way rivers flow and how they affect game movements is just part of what we think about when advising you on the best regions to which to travel. There is no brief too demanding and we relish every challenge!

A beautiful view is the window to your soul! Wherever possible, we choose places which restore, revitalise and nourish you! From a beautiful lodge in the Himalayan mountains, where you look straight out across the snow-capped mountains, to taking a houseboat along the backwaters of Kerala in India, to walking up a mountain in Bhutan, the only sound being that of the monks chanting in the distance. Cycling through Madhya Pradesh through beautiful scenery, or riding along the Bhramaputra River in Assam, or trekking in the Annapurnas in Nepal with its staggering views, one is surrounded by heart-stopping scenery.

Asian architecture leaves one spellbound. From the temples of Bagan in Burma, to the magnificent forts and palaces of Rajasthan with their rich colours and use of gold and silver, to the brightly coloured, intricately-built farmhouses and dzongs in Bhutan, to the colonial plantations in Sri Lanka (as well as the renowned, minimalist style of world famous architect Geoffrey Bawa), to the Lutyens-inspired colonial designs in Delhi and Calcutta, the entire experience is a stimulating pot pourri for the senses.


It's all about relationships - you and us

undefinedFor us, assembling a bespoke safari or holiday is personal. In order to achieve the level of excellence in each safari, we need to get to know you rather well!

Our relationship begins from the first conversation, through to coming to see you once we have established we are on the right track, right through to when you return. Each holiday is a journey of a lifetime and we strive for it to be just that. We spend as much time with you as you require until we feel we have obtained the perfect holiday for you and we become your right hand person, advising you on every little aspect of your holiday – from your clothing, to your luggage, to reading material, to your camera equipment, to arranging special surprises for birthdays and anniversaries. We try and make this as pleasurable and simple as possible for you!

Regional knowledge and expertise

undefinedWe spend long periods of time visiting all the countries that we promote and each property, lodge, yacht or hotel that we recommend has been thoroughly tested by us – the beds have been slept in, the rooms compared and the food sampled.

We love to return frequently to discover new places to stay as well as those hidden corners that were previously inaccessible. We’ll always give our unbiased, honest opinion on whether we feel these experiences are right for you. We take care to ensure that an attentive guide and local experts are with you every step of the way. No other company provides the level of service that we guarantee; we go the extra mile – every time – to make sure that each holiday is perfect.


The Explorations Company, where no two journeys have ever been the same

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As a guide, the cost of our extraordinary and utterly bespoke journeys tends to start from $1200 per person per day excluding international flights.

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