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Where are the great places to hang out in South America?

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Cities are always evolving. The district that was a no-go area a few years ago may be the hip place to be seen this year. Discovering the latest places to go usually means that there is a great energy about staying there and there are fun places to go and mingle with locals as everyone is heading to that quarter and its new vibe. Knowing where the great places to hang out in are all well and good but is there anywhere decent to stay?

Buenos Aires’ trendy Palermo district has long been the perfect place to stay in this gorgeous city and there are plenty of great boutique hotels to rest your head. Chic and elegantly decorated small houses with a mere handful of rooms offer a tranquil home from home away from the bustle of the big city, where in-the-know staff can attend to all your needs. Luxuriate in a rooftop jacuzzi that looks out over the city or sip an aperitif in a shady quiet garden before you head out to explore the many restaurants, boutiques and galleries a short stroll from your hotel base. But are other Latin American cities following suit and giving some of their edgier districts a bit of a make-over?

One of our favourites now in Santiago de Chile is the Lastarria district, neighbouring the more established middle-class area of Providencia. Lastarria is a great place for wondering around during the day or at night with its park, beautiful residential streets and some great little places for a lingering dinner. And with a new boutique hotel whose garden and outdoor terrace in particular is enchanting for a drink on a warm evening, you have found you own little peaceful haven. If you like the idea of finding yourself among a more bohemian crowd surrounded by lively cafes and restaurants where people enjoy the summer sun out on the pavements, then you might like the quirkiness and attention to detail that is The Aubrey, also situated close to the city’s Zoo and beautiful San Cristobal Hill.

In Lima in Peru, the glossy large hotels of Miraflores, close to the ocean, have long been the best choices in the city. However neighbouring Barranco was always a great spot to head in the evening to its cute bars overlooking the sea – very romantic! Now you can stay in a smaller, more intimate contemporary space right on the doorstep of this casual but pretty little district at the very cool Hotel B Barranco.

Whichever city you find yourself in, from Mexico City to Rio de Janeiro, we pride ourselves on knowing which addresses offer a chance to get under the skin of the city, so you can stay right in the heart of the best locations. Contact us to discuss your South America holiday.