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Cape Town Sidecar Adventures

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There is a delightfully unusual way of taking in all that Cape Town has to offer and getting completely off the beaten track in terms of the way that one can do so. Thrill-seekers and vintage lovers, anyone with a heart for adventure in fact, will have their breath taken away by choosing to experience the raw beauty of the city from the incredible vantage point of a 1960’s style side car.

This is the way to get around and the sidecars in Cape Town are what we are highly recommending travellers experience.

The vibrant fleet of Changjiang CJ750 Sidecars, based on the original 1938 BMW R71 motorcycle model, can be spotted all over the city and its surrounds, having taken off as one of the most special and unique excursions currently on offer.

These WWII motorbikes have been lovingly restored (look out for one covered entirely in leopard print!) and the team of experienced and qualified driver guides are accredited by the South African Department of Tourism.

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In our opinion, having a local guide who knows not only about every nut and bolt on his bike, but also about the colourful history of the city and all of its unique sights, is a definite way to go!

This is so much more than exploring from a minivan, bus or rental car. It is stepping out of one’s comfort zone and right into the palm of Cape Town as it showcases all of its beautiful and bold attractions. This is truly a front row seat if there ever was one!

Travellers are encouraged to really embrace the biking experience and each journey comes complete with a range of authentic biker gear. Expect to play the part and wear leather jackets, goggles, helmets and even a complimentary bandana which one is welcome to take home as a memento.

Stops on any route for a photograph or a stretch are encouraged, and the whole experience is just an incredibly fun way to go! The day begins with the option to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and freshly baked waffle at the side cars central headquarters (the coffee brand Truth is one of the best in the city and well known by locals) and with a full stomach and mounting excitement, one can set off on their side car tour.

Wine tasting can now be enjoyed with the wind in your face as you traverse down gravel roads between remote vineyards. Food lovers can try all of the local delights by hopping between farmers markets and the city’s abundance of gastro pubs and restaurants with their own chaperon.

For a more traditional day out, your guide will ensure that you tick off all of the top attractions as you make your way between Cape Point, Hout Bay and the city centre with incredible views surrounding you and the most picturesque and safest route always selected.

It is possible to choose between a scheduled or tailor made journey for a full day, or have a simple taste of life on the open road with a scenic two hour transfer between areas. It really is about what you would like to get out of the trip and the team are quite flexible.

With nothing at all between you and the elements, this is the very definition of exhilarating! There is no doubt that is the most superb and unique way to sightsee in Cape Town while on holiday in South Africa.